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  1. Kate if you’re reading this the whole time I was watching your episode on Extreme Cheapskates I kept thinking “God she is gorgeous”. When you talked about you being a distance runner I could tell cause I also thinking “God she’s got some nice legs.” Seriously they’re pretty toned. If you’re ever in the San Francisco Bay Area I’d love to take you out sometime. Hell I’d even buy the plane ticket. Just say the word. 😉

    1. Kate you are very smart, valuable and beautiful. If you are in California let me a note. Would like to meet you and show you around. Will love to have you as my friend. Regards!

  2. Kate, I want you to know, that what they did to you at TLC was wrong. You are more than beautiful. You are such an amazing person inside and out. I wish you all kinds of happiness. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, KIND and you deserve all good things. BLESS YOU ❤❤❤

  3. KATE! I would like to contact you and be your friend. I saw your videos on YouTube. From TLC and iamunbeautiful. Just want to say that always be yourself! There will always be bad, negative, judgmental people on this planet. Always ignore them. You seem like a very nice person. Please take care 🙂

    1. Hey Kate, I hope you are doing great and if you read this, I want you to know that I was actually pretty impressed with your frugal lifestyle. Don’t let anyone ever make you feel bad for your creativity and resourcefulness. A lot of people should learn to be more like you because trust me, most people are wasteful and don’t even know how to save. Also, I think you are a beautiful woman and you have no reason to think that nobody would date you! You have a lot to offer and would make someone very happy. I wish you all the best!

  4. I think your adorable. Your eyes are precious and your voice is amazing. I’m sorry for what tlc did to you.

  5. I actually think you are beautiful. Your personality is fun and up beat and I would like to be your friend! Everyone Can say negative things. That’s because most of the people in the world are negative nowadays. It’s a very sad world we live in when people have to make another feel unworthy. I am so sorry these people have hurt you. Especially your mother. She seems like a narcissist.

  6. Kate is the most wounded and beautiful soul I’ve ever seen. I’ve never been touched by a story so much in my life. Nothing about her screams ugly or pig.. her eyes tell a story. I do hope by this point she has found a wonderful love, a smile on her naturally beautiful face each day and some peace within herself to know that each day she matters! Sending so much blessings and love to you sweet woman!

  7. Kate you are beautiful and I’m saddened by the fact that you believe anything different. It’s very hard that we need validation to feel good about ourselves. However I understand how you feel and just want to tell you that you are beautiful.

  8. Dear kate
    My three year old daughter and i were watching you’re video we both just wanted to let you know that you are an absolutely beautiful lady if someone doesnt value you for who you are they dont deserve you
    You have such a beautiful face and personality you live the way you want to do what makes you happy and comfortable
    My daughter kept asking who is that pretty lady is
    Big love and hugs from Australia

  9. Kate,
    I think you are pretty and a beautiful human being on the inside. I’m sorry you had so many hurtful things said to you. I respect and admire you for rising above it all. God made you the special person you are. I wish you all the best that life has to offer. I’m sure there are many guys that would love to be with you.

    Take care

  10. Kate, i just saw your story. I saw your when your episode first aired, and I’m a pretty smart person to know that those shows are pumped up for rating. So I know you are a smart beautiful woman. You are brave, because you know the value of your money and your time, and are dong what we all should be doing, living frugally and save money. We live in a materialistic society, and these jerks want to make themselves superior. Don’t let those ignorant pigs bring you down. Remember misery loves company. One of my good friends had a similar upbringing with a mean mother. I just want to tell you that you are BEAUTIFUL, SMART, and RESOURCEFUL. Keep your head up and a man worthy of you will cross your path. sending you a big hug.

  11. Hi Kate, I admire you .You will need corage to speak out front the camera about every issue about your self image. Sincerily I think you are beautiful in many ways, I know you from “Extreme Cheapstakes” when I saw you I thought “Wow, she create a great and cheap life style in one of the expesives cities in the world … may i can do that”

  12. You’re beyond gorgeous Kate! ❤️ You’re so precious, don’t let a few hate comments ruin you you’re a pure soul and we can all see it 💕 hang in there gorgeous.

  13. Hi Kate, I hope you’re reading this. When I first saw you on extreme cheapskates I found it entertaining and cool how you managed to save so much money. I never for a second thought that you were disgusting or ugly. I understood that the show was portraying you in an exaggerated way and I only found you to be interesting and kind of inspiring. You are by no means at all ugly or fat. You’re quite the opposite, you are very beautiful and you have very pretty facial features. Please don’t let other people tear you down as you are a visibly strong, smart and beautiful woman. People say mean things because of their own insecurities that they have regarding their appearance and personal struggles. Seeing a beautiful, strong, smart, and funny woman like you makes them jealous. Other people say mean things just to tear you down, so they could feel better about themselves. Keep striving and keep being amazing, just the way you are. Sending you a lot of love and positive vibes.

  14. Kate your honestly gorgeous you have big eyes and cute anime girl looking style buy some good
    Clothes bc clothes last long and grow your hair a bit. Also keep up running and what you said about running was so wholesome YOUR AMAZING AHHHHHHHHHHHHH bro bro your cool and pretty ALOS your skin is so clear EEEE

  15. Hi Kate,
    I think you are beautiful on the inside and out. You have such a determination to live a good life and to stay positive. Your inner beauty shines and just adds to your outer beauty. Your outfits on Extreme Cheapskates and your shirt in this video are super cute, by the way. I loved the floral shorts you had!

    People saying that you are ugly doesn’t make you ugly, it makes them ugly. It doesn’t confirm anything. Never let anyone tell you that you aren’t beautiful, because you are. There are so many comments on the YouTube video saying how pretty you are, but I hope you can one day believe in it too.

    I wanted to get in contact with you to let you know that your video touched me very much, and I completely understand the cheap lifestyle, because I also come from an Asian-American household. However, I haven’t been able to find any of your social medias or any news from you since 2013. I hope you’re doing well and that you’re reading these messages still. In my search to send you a message, I found many fanclubs of yours and people praising your lifestyle, and I hope you’ve seen those as well.

    At the end of the day, you’re a healthy long distance runner, an accomplished CPA, and someone who has inspired many, many people all over the world. So thank you for that.

  16. You are an amazing accomplished woman! You’re like a lotus waiting to bloom. Just because you came from shit doesn’t mean you can’t shine. I hate TLC for that damn show, I started crying after watching this because it was so easy for me to pass judgment instead of see the person you are. You’re beautiful, smart, and kind. I want you to bloom and show the world what they’re missing out on. “ we all lie in the gutter, but some of us are looking st the stars” you have what it takes to live a good life. Don’t let others have that power over you. You are enough, you really touched my heart.

  17. Dearest Kate,

    Extreme Cheapskates lead me here. I watched it initially thinking that it was harmless entertainment without realising that behind the camera there could be a more sinister agenda, to ridicule people. From the bottom of my heart I am sorry that I was misguided.

    I can see that you are a woman who has been hurt and deeply damaged by family, strangers and society at large. But I want you to know not everyone is like this, just look at all the beautiful comments you have received on this site. You are so far from being ugly and worthless. You are genuinely attractive, I sense that you have a soft and kind nature about you, you are accomplished academically, self driven as evident by your running/athletics. You are not alone with regards to mental illness, I myself have suffered my whole life but I am angry that the TV show chose to ridicule someone with genuine struggles, and we all have struggles in life.

    If I could hug you right now I don’t think I would let go, you’re just beautiful and deserve so much love. I always believe things come around full circle and that people who are cruel and unkind to others will get their comeuppance while the people who have been wounded will prosper. I have high hopes for your future, be kind to yourself, love you yourself and always hold your self high.

    If you ever read this, I would love to be able to contact you and chat. I am your friend Kate and would happily show this to every bully that’s hurt you.

    Much love, stay strong.

    Your Friend,


  18. Wow Kate, you are so beautiful! I was watching your video thinking oh man Id kill for those lips!
    Looks face but your strong, intelligent and sweet personality never will. Shine on Kate

  19. Kate, if you’re reading this- I think you’re pretty, your hair is lovely & a lovely smile. You seem very likable, kind, nice & smart.
    I’m so sorry your Mother said those things, she didn’t parent right. I can relate Ignore those trolls on the internet. I hope you’re doing well. Ru. If you’re ever in the Kent, Canterbury UK I would gladly take you for coffee!

  20. kate!! you’re gorgeous 🥺 don’t let other people tell you otherwise bb, your supporters love u

  21. yo kate i’ll admit some of stuff you were doing was kind of nasty on the show but i’m relieved to know it was exaggerated for reality TV. Also when i saw you in the swimsuit i was like dammmm not bad. I am sure many men including myself would be happy to date you. Good luck and stay strong!

  22. Kate, you are really pretty. And in saying this with my heart and true feelings. As I was watching clips of you on tlc, I was thinking to myself “She’s really pretty” although it has been 7 years, I wish you read this. I don’t care what anyone says, I would really want you to have the best in life.

    1. Something else I wanted to say was when I was watching your iamunbeautiful video, I was tearing up about how people called you mean things, how you were mistreated as a child, and how no one wanted you. Just know that if someone says they don’t like you, know that 3 other people like you (one of those is me)

  23. You are not ugly. Very few people are stunning , others like you and me and rest of population are ordinary ,normal people not ugly ,not stunning .Some people can be very mean because they write in their home , in their comfort zone and you are out, under stage lights , on a high platform where everyone can see. They are cowards hiding in shadow, throwing hissy fit to someone open and on her feet. Please do not take them serious , they are unconfident, that’s why they need to get courage by insulting others. I call them e-vultures. I got really angry to them when I watched this video Wish you were my friend .
    Sending best wishes and lots of respect.

  24. Beauty is not just the physical appearance but the soul within. Even a supermodel can be ugly if she just a shallow, selfish, and egotistical. People who are saying and writing hateful comments about Kate just don’t know what it is like to live a hard life or struggle. Besides there is a community of people that dumpster dive. There are people in India who don’t have toilet paper to use. Just because people have a different way of living life doesn’t mean they are disgusting or gross. Some people just have a high standard and believe they have to look down at people because they do things differently. You do you Kate.

  25. If im going to be quite frank im a kid and i want to be your friend so bad you seem quite nice and kind plz be my friend or contact me i am beginning to grow depression over this

  26. Hi Kate you are beautiful inside and out don’t listen to the negativity those people’s with the negativity are the one who has problems and not happy about themselves and remember god don’t like ugly I watch a lots of show especially reality show and they do tell you to over Exaggerate the more you do the more likes and the more they pay you it depends

  27. First time I watched your video on extreme cheap skate I was like wow she’s cute and I would love to date a woman like you kate


  29. HI Kate, sorry to hear that you have been treated so poorly by people, including from your Mother, I am sure she meant well but those are things a Mother should never say to her daughter first of all. Beauty fades and is only skin deep, but a beautiful heart lasts a lifetime. Keep having humility and compassion for others in Jesus’s name!

  30. Hey Kate Shiva here from sg! Just saw your episode in TLC and this video. and I do not find your lifestyle gross ,also you are very beautiful inside and outside. 🙂

  31. Kate, TLC are nothing but very stupid insecure people and should just straight up back of when I watched the video about you on TLC and Iamunbeautiful I was crying…You are amazing and you are worth more than TLC can ever make in a life time Yes Indeed there are some very Negative people who find it better to make other people feel like they are nothing and unworthy it is very sad we live in a world like this but everyone who commented on this site care about you and let me know if TLC come back I’ll swing at them Matter of fact Let me grab my bat, I would like to be you’re friend! If you want to come
    by at Florida Coral Springs That would be nice.. You’re mom is very very very wrong about you you are not a ugly pig I have a step father and he would call me that It was not something I would like to hear constantly. Kate, Please do not cry To be honest you resemble a anime girl UwU Every time I look at you I literally blush If you’re MOMMA can not see that THE TOTAL DISRESPECT RUDENESS. Kate don’t ever forget that everyone commented because they love you no matter what…I love the fact that you dumpster dive and you’re cheap that’s good at least you appreciate what people don’t the food people throw away just because it is “pAsSeD tHe eXpIrAtIoN” It doesn’t mean you can’t eat it don’t be a kArEn people just no. Kate I will take you out to dinner or a Anime Café any time…Don’t let people get to you Unlike me you have pretty looks like an anime character and you have some good toned legs OwO I love you Kate!! ALAS GOOD BYE ANIME KATE

  32. Kate, You are amazing and TLC is horrible what they did to you you are amazing and when I watched you on Iamunbeautiful and TLC I cried you do not deserve to be degraded or bullied it is very sad that we live in a world were people try to make others feel unworthy you are beautiful you look like a anime girl! UwU just let me know if TLC comes back I will swing at them Matter of fact I’m going to get my bat. If you want to come to Florida Coral Springs that would be nice…I’ll take you out to dinner or a Anime Café! you’re mother is very very very wrong about you you are not a pig I have a step dad and he called me a pig to, It was not something I would like to here constantly. Kate everyone here commented because they love you..Don’t let a couple of Jack Rabbits ruin your day I would super happy If I could eat you’re dumpster dive food and if Mat and rose don’t like you’re life style it’s because they are not true friends they only came to see how you lived not to spend time with you THE FOOD YOU COOKED TOOK A LOT OF PATIENCE AND TIME TO MAKE AND I’LL BE DAMNED IF THEY DON’T EAT IT At lease you appreciate things people don’t people throw away food just because its “pAsT eXpArAtiOn”
    But just because it’s past the expiration date doesn’t mean it’s poisoness or spoiled and If you would like If you come down to Florida can we dress up like Bums so we can go dumpster diving…? Please say yes!! I love you Kate!!!!

  33. Dear Kate,
    You are beautiful, inside and out.
    I can tell that you have a kind soul, a fun personality, and a big heart. I honestly wish I could be friends with you.
    You deserve love and you deserve happiness. And please, always remember that the world is a better place with you in it.

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