1. Kate, you ARE BEAUTIFUL and incredibly BRAVE to share your story. Anyone who tells you differently is battling insecurities of their own. Be you. Embrace you. Love you! Josh, this is wonderful. I hope this project becomes something bigger than you ever imagined. Much Love, Shannon

  2. Yours was the first video I clicked on because I thought wow she is so beautiful why is she in a series called “unbeautiful”. Your skin glows, your face has such beautiful proportions and there is a kindness in your eyes (that is true beauty). The only thing that’s unbeautiful is what you were told growing up and the nasty comments made by people who I’m sure would find mean things to say about the looks of a supermodel! Don’t listen to any of these insecure people! You are beautiful, Kate. And you WILL find the love you deserve!

  3. And P.S. Your cheekbones! Your lips! People pay money to try to have that! You are so beautiful!!! It’s heartbreaking (and ludicrous) to think you were ever made to believe otherwise.

  4. Alesha

    I think your beautiful! How can someone as pretty as you think your ugly? Your skinny, fit, dark shiny healthy hair, beautiful almond eyes…..you are amazing! Even your skin color is pretty.

  5. Darren

    Listen to me, you are so beautiful Kate. I seen the Extreme Cheapstakes episode you were in, and as soon as the episode ended, I immediately did a Google search to see if you had a Twitter account so I could get to know you because your personality is like a magnet. You are a beautiful and interesting woman.

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