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  1. Kate, you ARE BEAUTIFUL and incredibly BRAVE to share your story. Anyone who tells you differently is battling insecurities of their own. Be you. Embrace you. Love you! Josh, this is wonderful. I hope this project becomes something bigger than you ever imagined. Much Love, Shannon

    1. Kate, I will love to see more of you, you’re so beautiful, for real, there’s no other like you in this world in you should be proud of that, I reaped, you’re beautiful.

    2. you are so beautiful! don’t listen to the disrespectful pieces of human garbage telling you hurtful stuff because of the desperate attempts tlc made! they don’t know shiet so they can’t talk, you look better than them probably, and i’m sorry your family treated you like that, i know i’m late to everything but i truly wish you the best.

  2. Yours was the first video I clicked on because I thought wow she is so beautiful why is she in a series called “unbeautiful”. Your skin glows, your face has such beautiful proportions and there is a kindness in your eyes (that is true beauty). The only thing that’s unbeautiful is what you were told growing up and the nasty comments made by people who I’m sure would find mean things to say about the looks of a supermodel! Don’t listen to any of these insecure people! You are beautiful, Kate. And you WILL find the love you deserve!

  3. And P.S. Your cheekbones! Your lips! People pay money to try to have that! You are so beautiful!!! It’s heartbreaking (and ludicrous) to think you were ever made to believe otherwise.

    1. Oh no Kate you are so beautiful. You have so much room for love and kindness in your heart. Your voice is sweet and caring. I wish we could just donate 100 hugs. I pray for you Kate.💖🙏🏾

  4. Extreme cheapskates!! Live a life your proud of, your obviously smart your not ugly and stop dumpster diving! 🙂

  5. I think your beautiful! How can someone as pretty as you think your ugly? Your skinny, fit, dark shiny healthy hair, beautiful almond eyes…..you are amazing! Even your skin color is pretty.

  6. Listen to me, you are so beautiful Kate. I seen the Extreme Cheapstakes episode you were in, and as soon as the episode ended, I immediately did a Google search to see if you had a Twitter account so I could get to know you because your personality is like a magnet. You are a beautiful and interesting woman.

  7. You are Beautiful!! Your soul shines and you are kind. My heart literally broke upon seeing the sadness in your face and hearing it in your words!! I pray this message gets back to you and you can sleep easy knowing people dont hate you they hate themselves and that fact that they can’t show a care free and free of judgement side that you shown on that show. I believe you need to really look at yourself and not the self people say you look like because you are truly beautifully Unique and that’s all that matters

  8. Kate, you are beautiful the way you are. I totally understand where you have been through. Growing up with an Asian mom, she gave me any complements, always reminded me my brother looks better than me. I later found out she was trying to make him feel better because he is short. But the damage was already done. I felt I was never pretty enough as a child and struggled with weight issue throughout my life. People tends to judge someone through tv shows, but these are the ones with the most insecurities.

  9. Kate, you are beautiful the way you are. I totally understand where you have been through. Growing up with an Asian mom, she didn’t give me any complements, and always reminded me my brother is more attractive than me. I later found out she was trying to make him feel better because he is short. But the damage was already done. I felt I was never pretty enough as a child and struggled with weight issue throughout my life. People tends to judge someone through tv shows, but these are the ones with the most insecurities.

  10. Kate, you are a very, very beautiful girl! Please don’t say these
    untrue words! You are what you think, so please change your mindset!
    Everything is up to you!!!

    You are a lovely beautiful person!
    Greetings from Germany

  11. If you ever read this,Kate,you’re a beautiful kind person. You’re a sensible human with a noble heart,don’t ever let your mom,people,or anyone ever tell you otherwise.
    When I look at you I can feel the pain in your eyes,years and years of psychological abuse,and I can relate to that deeply because I live that everyday of my life.I want you to know that I love you (in a non romantic way of course.),for your strength,and your intelligence and, I wished I could be like you.

    With Love
    (That_Lendy on Instagram.)

  12. Kate you’re beautiful, your eyes are so pretty and your lips are full and you have such a nice jawline as well. I think you’re stunning. And truly there is nothing wrong with saving money. I wish the best. Always know that you’re worth it.

  13. Girl you have the prettiest eyes and smile. Please know that you really genuinely are beautiful and a positive person. I hope you know you’re an amazing person who stood with pride and optimism after criticism. You are a great example for people courage . I hope you’re happy and wish you a heathy and blissful life😊

  14. I saw a beautiful woman and still do. I actually saw the goofy part of it for the entertainment. I’ve dumpster dived in my life. I love the way you speak and you are naturally beautiful. Your heart as well. I’ll tell you a secrete you’re going to become more beautiful when you love yourself. The inside shines bright like a diamond. Lol I know how you feel. Don’t listen to those idiots. It’s some black mirror shit going on. Don’t fall for it. You’re fucking beautiful. Look in the mirror, you’re such cool person I would love to hangout with you.

  15. I remember you from extreme cheapskates. You are very memorable and a very beautiful person. You have so much bravery to go on national tv and allow people into your life. So many people are focused and ready to say ugly things rather than focus on the positive. Do not let them let you. You are smart, determined, dedicated, compassionate and beautiful!

  16. You deserve a hug everyday! I hope you break out of the darkness and shine and be happy and amazing! Stay awesome Kate stay awesome!

  17. This broke me! I relate to her on soooo many levels! I really really wish I could speak with Kate! She’s beautiful inside and out! This is so disheartening. I will be praying for her!

  18. Kate , you’re one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen in my life . I don’t care what people say about you or what you may think , you are beautiful and will forever stay beautiful no matter what. I hope you find someone or someone finds you beautiful and makes you happy . You deserve all of the happiness in the world no matter what.

  19. This is for Kate I had seen her on Extreme cheapskates and I normally watch TLC shows and she’s right some of it is exaggerated. It’s for entertainment but the area is grey when they make you look like a fool, but Kate I did automatically judge but at the same time I’m cheap as well but very expensive regardless of how I feel my opinion shouldn’t matter and neither should anyone else’s. It honestly was more funny than nasty because of the reactions I watched on YouTube. The point is love yourself for who you are people are going to like you and people aren’t but that doesn’t mean the hurtful things they say are true love yourself Kate completely because your beautiful. You are your own beautiful it’s good to be different your not like everyone else.

  20. Dear Kate, You are beautiful. You are brilliant. Your beautiful brown eyes sparkle with depth and brilliance; your hair is shining silk. You project not only your outward beauty, but inner beauty, strength, intelligence, and accomplishment. I hope that the sadness within you is replaced with happiness, the cruelty with kindness, and the loneliness with the richness of friendships, love, and a life well-lived. You are not unbeautiful. You are stunningly beautiful.

  21. Kate, I hope you read this! The majority of the population is not born beautiful. I saw a clip once informing viewers the most ideal women compared to the the most unique women got the same rating. This is because the ideal women was rated 7 out of 10 at a constant pace and the unique women got both 10 and 3’s evening it out to an average of 7. Unique is beautiful and in the end both are equal, so theres no need to envy the other. Face dysmorphia is common in girls and can develop to body dysmorphia leading to eating disorders and face insecurities. I want you to know to shut the haters because they dont deserve to screw you up mentally, they just happen to be pessimistic lowlifes that would rate us a 3. It’s a true but bold statement; in the end we’re all supermodels

  22. Kate. I know this video was made years ago, and there’s no telling where you’re at now, but know that you’re absolutely gorgeous. No person deserves the kind of hate you’ve gone through, but truth be told, that just makes you more of a bada**. You still stand tall— a lesson I wish I could say I’ve learned. This video was inspiring and your story and outlook on undeniable hate makes me want to alter the way I carry out my journey. I hope my words can impact you the way your words immensely impacted me.
    Please realize you’re beautiful and exactly the way you were intended to be. Nothing is wrong with you, only the people who hurt and shame you for nonsense.

  23. I know it’s common to say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.. but it’s TRUE. I create beauty Beauty is what you create. The aura around you. You’ve been more honest in a few moments than some their whole lives. Beautiful

  24. I just came here to say that you are be.you.tiful.
    I think there is too much hate in the world and sometimes they just need to find a scapegoat to vent, which is pointless and stupid.
    I see the sadness in your eyes and it breaks my heart.
    I’m not sure if you will read my comment.

    But, just remember that you are beautiful, no matter what others say.

  25. I just came to tell you that you are be.you.tiful.
    No matter what others say.
    sadness in your eyes breaks my heart and wish your pain could be healed.

    Just remember that you are beautiful. 🙂

  26. Kate, I hope you read this – think you are very attractive. My heart was aching while I was watching you talk about how hurt you feel. If you were my girlfriend I would remind you how beautiful you are every single day. I sincerely hope you are doing better these days! Please remember that there are many guys like me (and I’ve been told many times I’m not a bad looking one 🙂 that are totally attracted to you. You are such a cutie! Much love!

  27. The thing about your mom is a good thing and a bad thing.i bet she wanted the best for u .
    Keep it up maybe in the future you will buy a car. plz tell me how u do it to survive.

  28. I wish I could talk with you. You honestly seem like such a fun girl to be with. The way you talk is so fun and satisfying to me for some reason. Kate, if you’re still reading these comments even after 7 years, I hope you are being loved by a lot of people right now. You aren’t ugly Kate, just this video was enough to make me think these thoughts about you. Stay positive.

  29. I cried watching Kate’s video and hearing the nasty things that people have said about her. I’m so sorry that she’s had a rough time in life so far, and I really hope and pray that she sees herself as beautiful because she is truly beautiful, both inside and out! Hugs and love to you Kate. Xx

  30. Hi Kate I’m vickie
    I hope that you see this one day. I wish that I could meet you. I wish you could see my face and look into my eyes so you know how earnestly I believe this: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. It’s not just the way you look, it’s the way you are. You are one of those people that I want to be around because I would learn so much from you. You are so well spoken and kind and intelligent. You are attractive and magnetic and pure.
    I saw you on Extreme Cheapskates and I genuinely liked you. I loved how content you were. There is nothing wrong with the way you live. You have the self control and boldness that most of us lack. I wish we were just better at accepting each other.
    I have often felt unbeautiful and it haunts me sometimes. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.
    I hope that you are happy and content wherever you are.
    Thank you for being so wonderful and humble. You have inspired me more than you know.
    I love you!
    Psalm 139:14

  31. I can’t believe this!!!!!! I couldn’t believe how these words could describe you. You are so beautiful, so incredibly beautiful. It’s sad that you have been exposed to so much hate and you have take it in. I hope that reaches you and that you find ways to break the cycle, that you speak gently to yourself and you start seeing yourself with kind and loving eyes.

  32. Dearest Kate, you are beautiful and well spoken. I am so sorry some people have made you feel less than. You are not less than. May the future bring you happiness.

  33. Hey Kate! Keep up the good work I love watching you on cheapskates I think you did a very good job entertaining the audience and we obviously know its exaggerated, I also wanted to let you know that you have natural beauty compared to the girls these days putting on excessive make up !

  34. I would love to sit down and have a conversation with her: she seems fascinating and I relate to her on so many levels. An individual should not be defined by others’ perceptions.

  35. You are SO beautiful, on the inside and on the outside. It doesn’t matter you chose to live your life, what matters is how you treat people and the heart you have. And I KNOW that you have a genuine heart, I can see it. You are beautiful. The people who say you aren’t and all the people who left mean comments about you, are ugly. THEY are the ugly ones because they spread hate and pain and negativity into the world for NO reason and THAT is true ugliness. But you are beautiful, no matter what your mom said, no matter what strangers online say, no matter what people you know say. If someone is willing to use words to hurt another human, they are ugly, not you. Please keep on being you, live life how YOU want, do what makes YOU happy because YOU are BEAUTIFUL and there is NOTHING wrong with you. You are perfect.

  36. KATEEEEE OMG I saw your episode of Extreme Cheapskates and I knew it was partly made up. Girl u are beautiful 🗣🗣🗣🗣💯 and I’m not just saying this to make u feel better. Forget what you mom and some mean people say, YOU HAVE TO FEEL BEAUTIFUL FOR YOU❤️Spend a lil change on makeup or cute clothes or just go get your nails painted. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so always make sure YOU HOLD THAT TITLE😘Sending love from Washington, DC

  37. Kate. I’m now seeing your video. I hope you’re doing good and I’m still hoping you don’t feel the same as you did in the video. I’m sorry that people hurt you. You’re an amazing person. You look super sweet and fun to be around with. Continue being you. Best of wishes
    Jasmin 🙂

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