i’ve always been fascinated by the concept of beauty and what makes someone feel attractive or unattractive. years ago i felt driven to start a personal project for my photography website that would examine the uncomfortable, secretive feelings of self-doubt.

i created posts on craigslist and other online classifieds titled, “if you feel ugly or unattractive – i want to take your picture.” i mentioned that i wanted to take a simple portrait and record an audio interview of each participant to explain why they felt ugly or unattractive. i ended up shooting and interviewing four people – but my vision for the project was a little shortsighted and i wasn’t happy with how i shot the portraits. the project eventually lost steam and got put on the cold, cold back burner for six years.

recently i decided to light the fire on the back burner and make this project happen. i changed the art direction of the portraits, and traded the audio interviews for video interviews. i posted the same online classified ads and found more people willing to be a part of my project.

i am unbeautiful explores the hidden sadness, pain, fear, and delicate insecurities rooted in the quest to feel and appear beautiful.

josh maready is a photographer and cinematographer in nyc.


if you’d like to participate in the project, please email me at iamunbeautiful@gmail.com


  1. Alec Reed

    I don’t know if you still do this but my name is Alec and I am 25 and have just suffered my whole life with looks and just so much more to get into deeply but was wondering if you still do these videos and if I could share my story with you in possibly being featured in an unbeautiful video, I feel that it would be a great outlet for me to go into deeper my own self thoughts and insecurities based on my looks

  2. Madeline

    I really love what your doing here. I struggle with a lot of self image issues due to my circumstances and this needs to be seen. Thank you.

      • Renee

        I’m ugly. I can come to NYC. I love NYC. I have treacher collins syndrome. When I asked
        my doctor if I can do some fat injection to fill my cheekbones… he pointed at my forehead,
        that he will put some up there. So I went home and looked at my forehead and compared my forehead
        to Halle Berry’s. I felt it didn’t need any fat injection up there… It is just hair covering up my forehead.
        So I shaved that part off. Also shaved the sideburns. And then I just put some concealer around my eyes and under my chin. And fix my eyebrows, because it got so thin. I looked almost normal. Then I went
        and stood outside… to see if anyone is staring at me. Men were staring at me. I took the makeup off.
        I don’t want that kind of attention. I feel comfortable being ugly. My email address is JaJadaJade@yahoo.com

  3. issacc

    I am willing to take part. I have been bullied my whole life. Been told I am ugly. Unattractive unwanted will never have a family. Or be married and I am starting to think that is true. The girl who I was with for a total of 16 years 15 years on and off dating one year married Is divorcing me I’m starting to wonder. If everyone is right. So if you would like I’m willing to participate. I actually you have had memes in videos. In back long time ago someone had made a website. With my name is ugly. Com.

  4. Larry Gonzalez

    Hi, my name is Larry. I’m a transgender male. I’ve suffered my whole life with mental illness, my whole life and even now I’ve been bullied for my physical appearance due to my glasses (extreme prescription) which makes my eyes look very extremely large and for always being an unusual child. I’ve been in and out of mental hospitals throughout 2018-2019 and my mom left me there as well leaving me with my old man. I’d love to tell my story, contact me at larrygonzalez7499420@gmail.com

  5. Rachelle

    I’m not sure if your project is ongoing but I think I’d be willing to participate. I’ve been struggling with genetic acne since I was 9 years old so it isn’t surprising to say that I was bullied since that age also.

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